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All of the resources will protect your confidentiality. Most resources are free. Some resources offer a sliding scale fee and others accept private insurance.

Different resources work for different people. Our list of support resources represents a variety of help options, including trained peer counselors, professional therapists, individual counseling, group counseling, and weekend-retreat workshops. You may also wish to seek out a bereavement support group or spiritual counselor in your area.


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*Religiously affiliated resources are often open to people of varying faith backgrounds - including no faith background. Please inquire when you call. Even if a resource does not fit your needs, it may be able to refer you to one that does. offers resources for referral purposes only and does not endorse any particular resource or style of counseling. Listing a resource does not guarantee its quality of care or services. If a resource is not listed, it does not indicate disapproval of that resource.