I didn't have an abortion. My brother did.


I didn't have an abortion. My brother did. Well, his girlfriend did. That was my niece or nephew they aborted.
After my brother was in a bad accident and in ICU, in a moment of self-reflection and promising to change his life, he confessed to me what he and his girlfriend had decided to do.
I went home from the hospital later and held my one-year old son and just cried. This baby would've been part of our family! He/she would've been my own son's little buddy, someone to pal around with, his cousin, someone he'd always have a connection with. Many years have passed since that day of confession. My brother has moved on, gotten married to someone else and has two sons here on earth. He struggles with depression now. I often wonder, besides the different blows life has dealt him, how much of that depression is caused by guilt as he watches his 2 little boys, wondering and thinking about the eleven-year old child he'd have now.
Abortion changes you. Abortion changes others around you. Your decision is more far-reaching than you think as you're faced with that unplanned pregnancy. Having 3 boys of my own and 2 nephews, my mind wanders and heart aches for the one I will never know here on earth. I don't condemn my brother, nor do I condemn others. I just grieve for the loss of life and the lie they believed - that it would all be better once it was over. Oh, what a terrible lie!