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Healing Pathways

Explore Emotions

Online Suggestions

  • Identify your feelings or consider how others are feeling.

  • Explore your feelings through art, share your work, and view the artwork of others.

  •  Describe your emotions in poetry or prose and read the writings of others.

  • Create or add to your online journal. (Note: This is a private activity—please see the Journal area.)

Off-line Suggestions



Draw, paint, collage, sculpt, photograph, explore your feelings through art.


Connect with nature, explore the outdoors, and use the time for reflection.


Keep a journal, record your feelings and their implications in your life.


Write poems to explore your experiences and feelings.

Create a Song

Write music or lyrics to explore your experience and emotions.

If you wish to share any of these off-line activities with others, you can submit Word, PDF, or .JPG files to the Web facilitator. Please note that the Web facilitator reserves the right to review and post any submitted materials. Identifying details will be removed to protect anonymity. Due to the volume of submissions, there may be a delay in the review and posting of materials.