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When i was 14 i had a termination.

When i was 14 i had a termination. I didn't think i could have been pregnant i was in denial and it was my mum who told me she thought i was pregnant i lied to my mum saying i hadn't had sex. I suffered with really bad morning sickness and didn't think anything of it until i bought a pregnancy test with a friend of the family and it came back positive. I knew i couldn't keep it because of my age and i didn't want to be that girl in high school that everyone stared at. My mum offered me the opportunity to keep it and she would help by giving up work and to help support me but i knew deep down i couldn't do it. I found out i was 11 and a half weeks pregnant so i had to get put to sleep and have pills to take but the whole time before anything happened i wanted my boyfriend at the time to come in and say stop he never did. I later found out who and what he really was like he was abusive and lost his temper too many times which made me think it's a good thing we didn't have the baby. But now i am trying for a baby with my boyfriend and am struggling with what it's going to be like as all i keep thinking about is that baby i terminated all those years ago and what if i missed my chance i am 28 years old now and it's the first time i have spoken about my story since this has happened.

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