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me and my boyfriend met august of 2021

me and my boyfriend met august of 2021. we found out we were pregnant march of 2022. i had went to a monthly check up for my diabetes, and found out through a urine sample. i was shocked of course and in denial. i didn’t know what to do, and i felt like such an embarrassment and a shame to my mom. after a month of talking with my mom and boyfriend, we decided it would be best to terminate the pregnancy given the fact that it was dangerous for the baby with me being diabetic… my boyfriend was also 20 and i am 15… neither of our families had problems with us being together, it was just the fact that i didn’t want him to go to prison, and i most definitely did not want anything to happen to my baby given the fact of the diabetes or for it to be in pain. termination was on april 16th. i always had so many mixed feelings, i didn’t want to do it AT ALL. but i wanted the best for my baby. not a day goes by when i don’t think about my baby. i regret every second of it, i would do anything to have been an amazing mommy that i know i was meant to be. 

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