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It was August 25th 2021.

It was August 25th 2021. I found out I was pregnant with my long term boyfriend, we were both happy, then one day he told me he wasn't ready for a kid and that he wanted to enjoy life with just the two of us and not settle down yet. I remember saying "that's okay I can take care of the baby myself and you can leave." He said no. At this point I told my whole family I was pregnant. The morning sickness became unbearable than I lost my job because I couldn't function. I then started bringing up the abortion topic. My dad told me not to do it and that he'll adopt my child, he told me that if I went through with an abortion, I would be tossing and turning at night and fall into a deep depression. After all the 4 missed appointments after buying a car and my own place, me and my partner had no money. He said he was just waiting for me to say he was going to be a father. One day out of fear at 15 weeks I made the 2 day appointment and went on with cost 530 dollars to change my life forever. I think about my daughter Morgan every day and it hurts.

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