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Healing Pathways

Stories of Healing

Post Your Story of Healing

If you have a story of healing that you'd like to share, please submit it in the space below. It would be helpful if you could share some background about the abortion, the impact of the abortion, how you dealt with the experience, and any resources that were helpful for you or for your family. Please do your best to protect the privacy of those involved by removing any information that could reveal their identities.

If you have written a story of healing in a separate document that you would like us to publish, please upload it here. We prefer Word or PDF formats.

Stories from Explore

  • Taking the morning-after pill changed my life.  Several years ago, I began a relationship with my boyfriend in which we had sex very early on.  I noticed something "different" about myself and realized that I missed my period.  I was a professional woman who was faced with the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy.  I mentioned to my then-boyfriend this very real possibility, to which his reply was that it wasn't possible -

Please note that the Web facilitator reserves the right to review and post any submitted materials. Identifying details will be removed to protect anonymity. Due to the volume of submissions, there may be a delay in the review and posting of materials.