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i was 18 when i found out

i was 18 when i found out. it was 2 months before my 19th. i had no car, no place of my own, i lived with my parents, and my boyfriend wasn’t all there on board with keeping it. what i felt i knew was that i couldn’t do it and that becoming something for myself would be impossible. working at a factory was not what i exactly wanted and that’s where i was at the time. i had 700 dollars to my name the day i received my pills. i wanted so badly to have my baby, and give my child the life they deserved but i knew myself that wasn’t possible. i feel so sad and so alone and i’m scared this is the biggest regret i ever will have in my life. i want to be forgiven and i don’t wanna feel this pain and burden i feel right now. i miss someone i never got to meet.

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