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I found out I was pregnant when I was 21

I found out I was pregnant when I was 21 in February of 2022 me and my ex had just broken up and my family was already not talking much about feeling. Me and my ex had talked about our options and what to do next so we decided the best way was to tell no one about the pregnancy and have an abortion. This was a hard and hurtful experience because I started to get attach to the baby inside of me very quickly. During our two week waiting period before going to the clinic I had very many highs and lows of what to do and how to handle the emotions. Once we got there and took the medication I started to feel very down on myself I started to hate myself for the decisions and everything going on. I knew it was best for us to make the decision because we were not financially stable and also not emotionally stable to bring a baby into this world. Once the abortion happen I started to feel all the emotional downfalls that happen. I hated myself I hated him. I just hated life at that moment. Everything felt so alone and scary I didn’t feel like anyone understood me or cared for me I felt very much alone during that time. It wasn’t until I went through that rough stop to know that I was going to be okay that everything was going to be okay. It’s a hard decision and it’s hard to truly see people are in your corner but it was a sucky time and to this day I am still healing from it but I also want to help others along the way as well. 

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