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When I found out I was expecting.

When I found out I was expecting. I was so excited, my boyfriend and I began making plans. Unfortunately a week after my pregnancy was confirmed I begin to suffer from an illness called Hypermesis gravidarum. This illness caused me to be severely ill. I couldn't work, couldn't keep any food down, I was getting much sleep. Things were horrible, still I thought I could make it. I tried for another few weeks. I was told that this could last from 14 weeks till delivery. Unfortunately I couldn't stay off of work that long, I couldn't afford to. After talking it through with my boyfriend. I felt like abortion was the only way to go. I cried that day, the next day and the day after. Finally I went back to work. However once I got back to work I realized that my issues were far from over. Being a preschool teacher I begin finding myself not wanting to be at work. I kept telling myself. It would be ok. It has been almost months and I feel horrible. I don't want to be at work, I don't eat or sleep much. I just keep thinking what could have done to make my pregnancy work. My family and friends don't understand. They just feel like I need to get with it. I just want the pain to go away.

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