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I am 24 and on Wednesday I am having an abortion.

I am 24 and on Wednesday I am having an abortion. I am 2 years from finishing my Social Work degree. I am single and I do not exactly know who the father is. There is a list of three names. I told all three of them and at first they all denied being capable of being the father.. I didnt do this on my own. It had to be one of them. At first, I wanted to continue with the pregnancy. Do it on my own. But as time went on I realised it wouldn't be right. I felt bad that my child wouldn't know their father. That my child wouldn't have a male role model. So through the pressures of the men and realising it was right for me and the baby I decided I am going to abort. I have never felt so alone. I have so much support and it is wonderful but when its you and your decision ultimately it is so isolating. I know I will regret this. I know I will wonder what could have been. I will grieve for the loss of the child that could have been. I am devastated beyond words. But I am doing whats right for me. I know it will get easier. But right now everything feels broken.

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