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My story is... a lot.

My story is... a lot. I was 22 when I found out I was pregnant. At the time I finally cut off my ex whom I was still sexually active with for months after our breakup. Yet I finally stopped and was now talking to a woman who I am not in a relationship with, at the time I wasn’t. Wow this is wordy. But any who, I found out I was pregnant and she was the first person I told. She was sad, probably even mad... but she didn’t even show it. She was so supportive. Thinking about it makes me tear up a little, because that was unconditional love to me. I then told my close 2 friends, my mom, and ex. I waited an entire month before getting an abortion, contemplating. Thinking a lot. Got back sexually involved with my ex which was damaging, and draining cycle continued. I was surprisingly struggling with the abortion. I was so depressed about my decision, and I feel that being with him made me feel like I didn’t make the decision to get an abortion. Started drinking and doing drive heavily for a while... I think I was more so sad cuz being pregnant reminded me of a relationship I dint want to lose but was overall toxic so I needed to lose. But at the same time being pregnant gave me hope. The whole pregnancy before I made my decision, I did little changes. Things like start wearing my seatbelt and valuing my life, stopped drinking and smoking the entire time until I made a final decision... even ate healthier. I think that’s what also hurt... that I made all those changes and still was too scared to commit. But it’s a reminder that I have absolutely no excuse but to do something with my time and my life now I guess.... this was wordy

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