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I was told that I can not have children

I was told that I can not have children at a young age I have pcos poly cystic ovarian syndrome it has caused me to struggle with weight loss and having children along with many other things in 2016 I got pregnant for the first time by someone that did not want the baby so while I was excited and shocked that it finally happened and god answered my prayers that I cried on my knees for years about I was worried that my baby wouldn’t have a father I was mentally abused and told I wasn’t ready That I didn’t have enough I was living with my mom at the time so i started to believe the lies of the enemy I’ve had depression for many years and still to this day can not get control of it is 2020 and my mind is still in the same place I felt forced to get an abortion and I had no support or anyone to go to when I did it I lost myself completely I wondered how I can go through with something that I never said I would do and being a Christian I went to church all the time I read my Bible and I just can’t understand how I let it happen my advice to anybody thinking about getting one is don’t do it the regret can tear you apart October 26 2016 is a day I will never forget this pain is like no other i lost my sense of purpose and pray for another chance each day

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